Stuff Rich People Love

This blog is epic. What a subject! It’s a humorous take on the world of rich people which is usually SO glamorized and makes us feel like peasants. Keeps you wanting. But this blog says all the other things we think about that world. It also lists the price of each item on it’s list of Stuff Rich People Love . When there is no numeric value, the author writes a witty price.

#90 – Sailing

Sailing Price: Chapped Lips & Wind Blown Hair

The post about dress shoes with no socks is what caught my eye and really tickled me. Here’s a snippet.

#36 – Dress Shoes With No Socks

…Regardless, fantasies do come true and every summer thousands of rich people opt to leave their socks at home and slide their sweaty feet into extravagant Prada, John Lobb, Salvatore Ferragamo and A. Testoni shoes to express their carefree nature and show-off their lack of podiatric inhibitions…

…The ability to destroy a pair of shoes with nothing but a thousand sweats glands is a status symbol more than it is a comfort choice. While middle class white kids wear Che Guevara t-shirts and baseball hats with sticker attached to express that they are badass, the wealthy adopt a modest subtlety to show that they have more money than most Caribbean nations. Sockless Italian loafers are akin to standing outside Goldman Sachs’ headquarters and screaming “I just cashed a million dollar bonus check! Screw you taxpayer!” Of course they never would, so they let bare ankles do the talking under their perfectly tailored suit…

And how about this one?

#32 – Sweaters Draped Over the Shoulder

 Sweaters draped over the shoulders are strictly the domain of the rich, the non-rich are happy to keep it that way. 

Haha. Too right.

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